SSL Configuration

Make sure the information going between you and your customers isn’t being read on the way. This encryption certificate will keep your customer feeling secure. Plus, Google has already said that they will penalize anyone that doesn’t have their site setup with an SSL. Don’t get caught with this misconfigured.

Ongoing Exploit Patching

Don’t sit passively by as exploits in your system sit ready for a bad actor to discover them. We ensure that your site gets patched up a exploits are discovered. For good measure, we will even try to wiggle our way in every once in a while to make sure all your doors are locked.

Data security plans

More often than not, hackers won’t even steal your information. They’ll just delete it or hold it captive. Don’t let them. We will set up the backups you need to sleep easy, knowing that nothing will delete your business by the morning.

Let’s Work Together!

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