Website Creation


The best way a business can signal to their customer that they take their services seriously is to demonstrate it on screen.

Message Control

A home for your dream that you own. Your website is the place you have full control on how that information is given. Where else is your audience going to find you when they need you?

Platform Risk

Relying solely on Facebook and other social platforms to capture your audience’s attention is beyond risky. Not only are you hoping that third parties won’t kick you off, completely isolating you from your customers, you are actually making it easy for those platforms to sell every bit of your company’s information to your competitors. This is how they make their money.

Basic Quote Estimations

Website Design and Development

Deliverable that come with service:
Basic Mock up before contract
Site Demo before launch

Minimum ($25/month or $150)
Comes with one page

Page (+$15/month/page or $100)
A page is 4 sections/rows or less

Design Add-ons:
Premium Header (+$10/month or $50)
Premium Footer (+$10/month or $50)

Business System Add-ons:
Basic Contact Form (+$10/month or +$50)
Blog (+10/month or +$50)
Basic E-commerce functionality (+$25/month or +$150)

Website Management (Monthly Plan)

Website Hosting
HTTPS Protocol Setup
Force SSL
Technical support for domain and hosting services
Limited SEO Services
Registering Site in Google Search Console
Registering Sitemap with Google
Limited Cybersecurity management
Login Brute Force Attack Protection Software
Backup services (Multiple Formats)
Performing website software updates
Ongoing optimization of Speed and Performance
DNS configuration and support
Rapid Response for Bugs, Errors and Troubleshooting
Web analytics SEO Recommendation Updates

We do more complex setups, but the pricing is on a project dependent basis

Let’s Work Together!

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